Saturday, 15 October 2011

A sucker for packaging !!!!

I went food shopping and went looking for the Vo5 hair miracle concentrate which I found for once.
While looking for it I came across these reduced to half price so they were something like £3.33 each .I fell in love with the packaging so I popped em in they promised good things one to be a hydrating lip plumper for fuller sexier lips and the other to reduce puffiness and dark circles soothing and firming  . Now it turns in to a rant they do absolutely nothing waste of money glad I didn't pay full price .I never expected much from them obviously because of the price its just a note to self don't be fooled by pretty  packaging .

I was however happy with the Vo5 miracle concentrate which I finally managed to get my hands on in Sainsburys of all places . Its love at first use another product where I would say do believe the hype.I cant express how in love with this product it leaves my hair silky smooth, the ends or not dry like they usually are,my hairs soft and shiny  and it smells gorgeous the best thing is being an oil it doesn't leave my hair with that greasy residue  that looks like your hair  needs a wash it absorbs nicely into the hair shaft and because it don't just stay on the hair it doesn't make my skin greasy either and i've been putting it on daily I recommend this product if your looking for a cheaper  alternative to Moroccan oil (which I have never tried ) it is smaller than I thought it would be but a little goes a long way   . My hair will never be the same again .

If  your wondering what the one next to it is.... its a pure form of argan oil which me being me purchased on eBay for about £6 when searching for a cheaper alternative to Moroccan oil .I hate this, it smells like Olive oil, it doesn't sink in just sits on top therefore making my hair look like it needs washing ,it made my skin oily so I got spots. Its quite a thick formula because of the results it didn't really do much for my hair as I hardly used it  ..maybe I could find another use for it any suggestions ??

love natty xoxx

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