Saturday, 15 October 2011

Body shop haul !!!!

Once again I've been online and purchased some more Body Shop products , it would have been wrong not to when they was offering 30%  off for love your body card members and free delivery (see what I mean )aand a free gift . I've had my eye on the Seaweed Ionic clay mask as I've recently changed over to the Seaweed range and my skin has responded really well so being on the look out for a new face mask it was only natural to pick this one ,next I chose the Tea Tree face mask I'd read about it on a blog that morning which had me intrigued to try it and lastly was Tea Tree skin clearing facial wash as this too
 had great reviews and for the free gift it was a choice of  Vitamin E facial oil or Vitamin C skin reviver as my skin is quite oily I immediately went for the Vitamin C skin reviver . As usual I have to say that the body shop excel on speedy delivery .

I'm yet to use the facial wash I've tried both the face masks once I absolutely love the Tea Tree one it left my face soft , fresh and glowing  with no redness didn't really like the smell when I first opened it but once on it was relaxing it tingled in a nice way my fave of the two surprising .
The Sea Weed one stung a little nothing unbearable, it dried quickly on the skin, had a sea scent it left my skin a little red and it kinda drew the blemishes to the surface best not to do before a night out . It has left my skin oil free and smooth however .
will keep you updated on these products because I feel once is not enough to give a proper review.

I got the Vitamin C skin reviver as a free gift and I'm so happy I did as I most probably would have never even looked its way .I've been using it everyday for a week after moisturising I love the scent it seems to wake me up and feels nice on my skin .I haven't really noticed much of a change to my skin but my boyfriend and other people have commented that my make up looks nice . I haven't changed nothing except putting this on underneath my foundation . I will be looking into the Vitamin C range more the scent gives me that kick in the morning .

Current skin regime I'm enjoying at the moment the wash its quite thick and gel like and sometimes doesn't really foam but its doing the job of keeping me oil free and I'm not breaking out . I was using the toner morning and night but i got a few spots on my chin so cut down to night time only ,it used to sting at first but I don't get that no more and it leaves my skin really clean , mattifying day cream I've done a review on here .They do the job of keeping my skin oil free and preventing further break outs but wouldn't say they are my holy grail .
Things that work for my skin may not be right for you . I do recommend talking to an assistant as they are there to help , I used to get Vitamin E range thinking all skin types would be fine and it wasn't as I never took my skin type into consideration which was oily/combination skin .

with vitamin c skin reviver not sure what it does but I do like it .

Love natty xoxx

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