Saturday, 22 October 2011

It's starting to feel a lot like Autumn

cardigan primark
Mac craving lips 

boots ,belt & rings primark
top and skirt H&M

I'm loving the Autumn colours the rusts , mustard's and  browns  . In my last post I showed you a few basics I had purchased and here's a few ways I've styled them using two basic bits and the best thing you can change the top and skirt to keep creating fresh looks .... 
Xfactor tonight and a takeaway while snuggling on the sofa in from the cold and what better way to do that in my new pjs and slippers , how do you watch Xfactor ?? maybe I could be turning into my mother  "shocked face "

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Primark Mac H&M and a few other bits

I wanted to take pictures but it was hard to catch it all so I done a video beware lol  i tend to ramble on and its not the greatest of videos I say so way to much eeek and i hate my voice on the video but there you go

Saturday, 15 October 2011

A sucker for packaging !!!!

I went food shopping and went looking for the Vo5 hair miracle concentrate which I found for once.
While looking for it I came across these reduced to half price so they were something like £3.33 each .I fell in love with the packaging so I popped em in they promised good things one to be a hydrating lip plumper for fuller sexier lips and the other to reduce puffiness and dark circles soothing and firming  . Now it turns in to a rant they do absolutely nothing waste of money glad I didn't pay full price .I never expected much from them obviously because of the price its just a note to self don't be fooled by pretty  packaging .

I was however happy with the Vo5 miracle concentrate which I finally managed to get my hands on in Sainsburys of all places . Its love at first use another product where I would say do believe the hype.I cant express how in love with this product it leaves my hair silky smooth, the ends or not dry like they usually are,my hairs soft and shiny  and it smells gorgeous the best thing is being an oil it doesn't leave my hair with that greasy residue  that looks like your hair  needs a wash it absorbs nicely into the hair shaft and because it don't just stay on the hair it doesn't make my skin greasy either and i've been putting it on daily I recommend this product if your looking for a cheaper  alternative to Moroccan oil (which I have never tried ) it is smaller than I thought it would be but a little goes a long way   . My hair will never be the same again .

If  your wondering what the one next to it is.... its a pure form of argan oil which me being me purchased on eBay for about £6 when searching for a cheaper alternative to Moroccan oil .I hate this, it smells like Olive oil, it doesn't sink in just sits on top therefore making my hair look like it needs washing ,it made my skin oily so I got spots. Its quite a thick formula because of the results it didn't really do much for my hair as I hardly used it  ..maybe I could find another use for it any suggestions ??

love natty xoxx

Body shop haul !!!!

Once again I've been online and purchased some more Body Shop products , it would have been wrong not to when they was offering 30%  off for love your body card members and free delivery (see what I mean )aand a free gift . I've had my eye on the Seaweed Ionic clay mask as I've recently changed over to the Seaweed range and my skin has responded really well so being on the look out for a new face mask it was only natural to pick this one ,next I chose the Tea Tree face mask I'd read about it on a blog that morning which had me intrigued to try it and lastly was Tea Tree skin clearing facial wash as this too
 had great reviews and for the free gift it was a choice of  Vitamin E facial oil or Vitamin C skin reviver as my skin is quite oily I immediately went for the Vitamin C skin reviver . As usual I have to say that the body shop excel on speedy delivery .

I'm yet to use the facial wash I've tried both the face masks once I absolutely love the Tea Tree one it left my face soft , fresh and glowing  with no redness didn't really like the smell when I first opened it but once on it was relaxing it tingled in a nice way my fave of the two surprising .
The Sea Weed one stung a little nothing unbearable, it dried quickly on the skin, had a sea scent it left my skin a little red and it kinda drew the blemishes to the surface best not to do before a night out . It has left my skin oil free and smooth however .
will keep you updated on these products because I feel once is not enough to give a proper review.

I got the Vitamin C skin reviver as a free gift and I'm so happy I did as I most probably would have never even looked its way .I've been using it everyday for a week after moisturising I love the scent it seems to wake me up and feels nice on my skin .I haven't really noticed much of a change to my skin but my boyfriend and other people have commented that my make up looks nice . I haven't changed nothing except putting this on underneath my foundation . I will be looking into the Vitamin C range more the scent gives me that kick in the morning .

Current skin regime I'm enjoying at the moment the wash its quite thick and gel like and sometimes doesn't really foam but its doing the job of keeping me oil free and I'm not breaking out . I was using the toner morning and night but i got a few spots on my chin so cut down to night time only ,it used to sting at first but I don't get that no more and it leaves my skin really clean , mattifying day cream I've done a review on here .They do the job of keeping my skin oil free and preventing further break outs but wouldn't say they are my holy grail .
Things that work for my skin may not be right for you . I do recommend talking to an assistant as they are there to help , I used to get Vitamin E range thinking all skin types would be fine and it wasn't as I never took my skin type into consideration which was oily/combination skin .

with vitamin c skin reviver not sure what it does but I do like it .

Love natty xoxx

Friday, 14 October 2011


Here's my outfit of the day I didn't really know what to put with these leggings I've had them a few weeks  so here's what I threw together ..

cable knit leggings £6 primark, top underneath  £2.50  primark
belt £2.50, top and shoes local store 

FOTD very natural ...


Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara Absolute Black, three eyeshadows from the the sleek storm palette and maybelline gel eyeliner                

lips natural collection apple blossom best thing its only  £1.99  it has no staying power but  I apply it like lip balm and  I love it ,coral blush .

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Do believe the hype

sorry for the mitt I used it last night .
A quick post just to say some things really are worth all the hype .
lets start with

some of the cheaper brands I had tried but I had always gone back to St Tropez  .

 St Moriz fake tan personally I cant get enough of this tan and I've tried many. I almost gave up on this tan  ,I tried the spray one first and although I liked the colour and finish but it made way to much mess for me, it dripped all down the bottle onto the floor my hands basically everywhere I was left standing in a puddle of it  and  was like never again . How wrong was I after reading peoples blogs there was a lot of posts saying how good it was but  there was one difference they were showing the mousse version hmmmm I had to give it one last try if it worked for me it would save me heaps at £2.99 a can . I'm so glad I did I've got three full body coverages so far out of the can and I've already bought my back ups .Its such a natural looking colour no streaks and lasts a good week on my skin .I think I may go as far to say its better than my St Tropez shhhhh that's a secret. when it washes off I don't get that patchy look, its all even, I like the fact it has colour to it so you  can see where its applied. But of course it does have that fake tan smell I have no idea how to describe this smell do you ?? My boyfriends always moaning about the smell because I like to do it a bit before going to bed so I can leave it over night and I say to him "if you can invent one that doesn't smell you'd be a rich man"
I cant stress enough if you haven't got a mitt and you like fake tan get one , I'd always look at them then think oh next time as id already bought a lot of stuff etc and I thought they were point less as you could use you hands and I had this idea it would just soak up the product .Silly me they were made for a reason and are totally not a waste of money your hands cant do a better job it doesn't soak in the tan . It rubbed it in evenly left me with no patches, missed parts and stopped me having orange palms all for £2 something i'll never be without now .My colour came out beautiful.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

can anyone help please??

Just a quick post I love Blairs colour lippie in Gossip Girl does anyone know what it is or dupe please ?? would be much appreciated .I actually think i've developed a little obsession with Leighton I think shes so pretty .
Body shop haul and reviews coming soon .
what's peoples views on the tee tree toner from body shop? I'm thinking to try it but I've just bought the seaweed one so this year before I buy new ones as my house is full of products I've tried for a couple weeks then moved on I'm going to actually try and finish them before buying new ones, probably easier said then done. I think I'm going to start doing posts on my tons of products half used ranging from tans, foundations powders, hair products ,skin products and make up.
I'm also hoping to get down to Mac ,I shall no longer be a Mac virgin.

love natty xoxx

Saturday, 8 October 2011

The quest for BIG hair

Its funny how things go I remember when I was in school and id complain my hair was to thick and id sit for hours trying to straighten it as flat as possible and I brought thinning scissors not good  . Now that i'm older id do anything to have my thicker bigger hair back .So as i'm sitting here writing this I have my big velcro rollers in .I straightened each piece cause I heard that the heat sets it . I did buy setting lotion but this made my hair hard last time maybe I put to much i'm not really sure how your meant to use that  stuff  so i'm trying this way instead

And these are the results   .........

I'm loving the hair I'm sorry for the dodgy pics but this was my trial run for tomorrow night and i had no make up and my fake tan not a good look ,soo that's why I'm hiding my face :)) .Its so bouncy and shiny and alive woooo .

much better then this...

love natty xoxx

Friday, 7 October 2011

hair drama

A little while a go i totally frazzled my hair trying to do d.i.y highlights .I went to a hairdressers to get some help to say they were disgusted with what I had done is a understatement. When asking what they could do they offered a treatment for £55 but id need more then one , there was no way I could afford this what to do ?? hmmm . I decided to Google what I could buy at home of the same quality .Thats when I came up with this beauty

babyFACE pure protein it promised to repair damaged hair shafts while adding shine and manageability this is a very basic description. I suggest goggling it yourself for the fall one its to long to write . At 21.99 I thought that it was a little expensive for the size but was in disparate need. I read the reviews and most were great and exactly what I wanted and defo a better option then cutting my hair all off. when it arrived I was a bit pessimistic how was this small bottle going to save my hair .I did it straight away and omg it really worked from the first application there was dramatic results . I noticed a remarkable hair was extremely soft with less breakage. I've been using the product for a few of months now since feb to be exact and my hair looks beautiful now. It is longer, very soft, healthy and the breakage has stopped. As long as they make this product, I will buy it.
A little really goes a long way I still have loads left so the bottle is deceiving . If you bleach or colour your hair and want to give your hair its life back then give it a try .I LOVE IT 
follow the instructions and you really don't need more then it says ,(like I was thinking you would or to leave it any longer then it says) . My miracle in a bottle .

love natty xoxx

Because I love my gadgets (hair be gone)

This had to have a mention in my blog because its a staple in my life . Every girl  needs one of these in there life,like straighteners or my curling wand I wouldn't be without one . Ive used my epilator for about nine years now .Yes at first it hurt and I almost gave up on it but after a couple times that stops ,there were a few problems I experienced like when the hair first grew back id get a kind of weird stinging sensation (weird ey?) I'm not sure why this happened maybe I had 2 get used to it but now i get no discomfort at all .My hair grows back finer and sparser I get a smoother finish none of that stubble .Being a mum I haven't got time to shave all the time and quite frankly cant be bothered .An epilator plucks the hair from the root its made up of lots of little tweezer things so it takes longer 2 grow back there are so many pluses to this product,no more shaving shadow either .I do my bikini line under arm and legs its kind of similar to waxing but less messy and convenient to do in your home and you don't have to wait for fall grow back .So never an excuse to be hairy again ,unless you like that look .
 Some tips ill give to you
1:Don't give up the first couple times it hurts because the hairs thicker and coarser from shaving , but this goes away promise.
2:Get a pair of exfoliating gloves for the bath this stops ingrown hairs etc.
3:Don't shave cause it cuts the hair and if done to often will make the hair thicker then it could cause discomfort again.

they range in price mine was £30 just basic but I never buy shaving stuff any more
it has a shaver head to which I forgot to take a pic of 

this is my leg and I haven't done it for two weeks amazing 
what do you use ???

love natty xoxx

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Ok people great giveaway on billie lou lous  blog here's the link shes giving away a MAC lipstick of your choice woop !! her blog is one of the first I followed and the reason I too wanted to start blogging  . I've never tried Mac before but hear and read so many good things about the brand the only thing that's stopped me is the hour journey :( but if I win this... maybe it will give me the inspiration to lol, I think most definitely i hear so much about the scents and pigments ....
                                    GOOD   LUCK PEOPLE XXX (and to me to lol ;) )

love natty xoxx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Its a keeper

£9.00 a tub lasts me a couple mths plus they had it on a bogof  offer so it was even better value
body shop is always having offers on and if you join the website they send you offers like 20%
off etc 
The body shop Seaweed mattifying day cream for oily/ combination skin. I've falling in love with this product ,it has a nice refreshing scent and feel to it when you apply it ,plus its oil free .I'm always scared when trying new face creams as i have sensitive skin that breaks out quickly if it don't like something ,but I've bin using it for a couple weeks now and not one blemish.I wanted something to stop shine halfway through the day and this has worked .I apply after washing my face and before applying my foundation . I did buy the whole seaweed collection from body shop but have decided to introduce them one by one to my regime as that way if any i will be able to tell which one was breaking me out. I've learnt this the hard way as i use to change a lot of things at once then never knew which ones didn't agree with me.Its more of a gel like cream and does exactly what it says on the tin. I also have to give praise to the body shop online ordering service they were quick to dispatch my products big thumbs up.Heres what the body shop says about the cream                                                             This oil-free, gel-like moisture cream is easily absorbed and perfect for combination skin.

  • Moisturises dry areas
  • Balances excess sebum
  • Gives a matte, shine-free complexion
for me it does exactly that

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Revlon haul (because I cant get to mac)

sorry for them being used I was planning to do this post when I bought them but have been so busy 

I was in superdrug the other day and wanted to get a powder because I'd read a few posts lately about how it sets your foundation.I've tried powders before but have not really liked them because I thought they gave that caked on  finish if you get what I mean they kind of also washed me out and felt to dry on my skin , but I had a party to go to and wanted that perfect photo finish. So while browsing I came across the Revlon photo ready powder and concealer . The back said "perfected airbrushed skin in any light covers flaws and eliminates shine " so I popped  them into my basket, it offered what I wanted so id give it a try. The packaging was nice to it came with a brush (which I prefer to a sponge ) and a mirror so handy to pop in my bag and have with me when I'm on the go.So far I really like it gives a good finish to my make up and has proved perfect for touch ups its also light so I don't feel over powdered.The cover is sheer so probably not so good if your looking  for something more. I'm not sure weather I'd repurchase as I've seen good reviews about the Maybelline dream matte powder and would like to give that a try,but I would defo go back to it if I find nothing better.
Here's what was written about the concealer "- Helps erase imperfections and camouflage dark undereye circles.

- Lightweight, creamy texture blends seamlessly.

- Photochromatic pigments bend, reflect and diffuse light.

- Soft luminous, finish.

- Professionally designed formula and shades developed and tested under the harshest lighting and high definition conditions.

- SPF 20.
The concealer is ok its creamy and blends nicely easy to apply and stayed on for 12 hours and also gave a natural finish.I like the packaging not sure how hygienic it is cause its a stick  ,but again will try something different when it runs out because nothing really stood out for me. Although my pictures did come out flawless day and night so if I find nothing better I would go back to it .

Monday, 3 October 2011

Pretty coloured nails ...

The other day I picked up some cheapy nail varnish ,I was just passing a random shop and fell in love with the colours and at £1 each how could I say no. I got home to find corrie one of my fave blogs  had written this fab post about why choose one colour .She was so right id just bought them and wanted to try all three out so I took her advice and did ...I absolutely love the out come. The nail varnishes themselves are quite good cause this pic was taken three days after I applied them and they've not chipped ,the colours are all a nice finish , the only down fall is that they were a little weird to apply as they seemed to go on lumpy, I was worried they'd stay like that but they dried smooth and quick .I matched my toenails the same way lol
love natty xoxx


feather earrings £1.00 ebay

vest h&m  £3.99
skirt h&m £5.00 on  sale
belt £1.00 primark
Just a quick post to show what I wore today as this is something a little different for me :)) my bf seems to think it looks like i'm wearing a bed sheet . hope your all enjoying this weather ,I am its a little weird getting my summer clothes out in October but im not complaining lol what have you guys been wearing ??

love natty xoxx