Sunday, 25 September 2011

Saffron nails

saffron nails

I was just sitting here watching Xfactor loving Tulisas hair while  painting  my nails and thought id do a quick post on why I heart Saffron nail polish at £1.99 each  on eBay they are a real bargain, although cheap they are probably some of the best nail varnishes i've tried,hard wearing , dont chip easily and the colours are all a good finish . 

I will do some colour swatches of the ones I have soon  ;)) 

love natty xoxx

A good old steam

It wasn't till i started my blogs that i have realised i use a lot of natural simple remedies, don't get me wrong though I never leave my house with out a full face of make up ,hair and nails done ,which my boyfriend has had to come accustomed too lol.
I was feeling a little stressed so that's when I got this baby out : 

Visiq facial steamer its not great but at £9.99 its a bargain  you cant complain and it does the job .I wear make up everyday so it's nice to give my skin a really good clean and as I have sensitive skin I find this is a good way .I added a little rosemary to the water but you can put what you like (its all in the easy peasy instructions )  ,its also a great stress reliever. I then follow it with a face mask I  am yet to find one i really like any recommendations would be much appreciated  =)
my skin feels plump,smooth and  refreshed ready for the week ahead x


Friday, 23 September 2011

Is change always best !!

OK so its took a while but I'm finally gonna write my first proper blog ...

Sunday, 18 September 2011

dont know what im doing lol

OK so here goes my 1st ever post I'm always shopping and now i have people to share with its gonna be fun  i will be reviewing things shortly just doing this post to say "hey" and see how this thing works lol x ps any help would be most appreciated