Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Its a keeper

£9.00 a tub lasts me a couple mths plus they had it on a bogof  offer so it was even better value
body shop is always having offers on and if you join the website they send you offers like 20%
off etc 
The body shop Seaweed mattifying day cream for oily/ combination skin. I've falling in love with this product ,it has a nice refreshing scent and feel to it when you apply it ,plus its oil free .I'm always scared when trying new face creams as i have sensitive skin that breaks out quickly if it don't like something ,but I've bin using it for a couple weeks now and not one blemish.I wanted something to stop shine halfway through the day and this has worked .I apply after washing my face and before applying my foundation . I did buy the whole seaweed collection from body shop but have decided to introduce them one by one to my regime as that way if any i will be able to tell which one was breaking me out. I've learnt this the hard way as i use to change a lot of things at once then never knew which ones didn't agree with me.Its more of a gel like cream and does exactly what it says on the tin. I also have to give praise to the body shop online ordering service they were quick to dispatch my products big thumbs up.Heres what the body shop says about the cream                                                             This oil-free, gel-like moisture cream is easily absorbed and perfect for combination skin.

  • Moisturises dry areas
  • Balances excess sebum
  • Gives a matte, shine-free complexion
for me it does exactly that

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