Saturday, 8 October 2011

The quest for BIG hair

Its funny how things go I remember when I was in school and id complain my hair was to thick and id sit for hours trying to straighten it as flat as possible and I brought thinning scissors not good  . Now that i'm older id do anything to have my thicker bigger hair back .So as i'm sitting here writing this I have my big velcro rollers in .I straightened each piece cause I heard that the heat sets it . I did buy setting lotion but this made my hair hard last time maybe I put to much i'm not really sure how your meant to use that  stuff  so i'm trying this way instead

And these are the results   .........

I'm loving the hair I'm sorry for the dodgy pics but this was my trial run for tomorrow night and i had no make up and my fake tan not a good look ,soo that's why I'm hiding my face :)) .Its so bouncy and shiny and alive woooo .

much better then this...

love natty xoxx


  1. Thanks for following my blog! I love yours already & definitely followed :)
    Love the velcro rollers and I love that you have the same wallpaper as me!!
    B&Qs finest ;) xoxo

  2. thanx so much hunny im flattered u like my blog yours is amazing I sat for hours reading it :) I love our wallpaper its lush just like you xoxx