Friday, 7 October 2011

hair drama

A little while a go i totally frazzled my hair trying to do d.i.y highlights .I went to a hairdressers to get some help to say they were disgusted with what I had done is a understatement. When asking what they could do they offered a treatment for £55 but id need more then one , there was no way I could afford this what to do ?? hmmm . I decided to Google what I could buy at home of the same quality .Thats when I came up with this beauty

babyFACE pure protein it promised to repair damaged hair shafts while adding shine and manageability this is a very basic description. I suggest goggling it yourself for the fall one its to long to write . At 21.99 I thought that it was a little expensive for the size but was in disparate need. I read the reviews and most were great and exactly what I wanted and defo a better option then cutting my hair all off. when it arrived I was a bit pessimistic how was this small bottle going to save my hair .I did it straight away and omg it really worked from the first application there was dramatic results . I noticed a remarkable hair was extremely soft with less breakage. I've been using the product for a few of months now since feb to be exact and my hair looks beautiful now. It is longer, very soft, healthy and the breakage has stopped. As long as they make this product, I will buy it.
A little really goes a long way I still have loads left so the bottle is deceiving . If you bleach or colour your hair and want to give your hair its life back then give it a try .I LOVE IT 
follow the instructions and you really don't need more then it says ,(like I was thinking you would or to leave it any longer then it says) . My miracle in a bottle .

love natty xoxx

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