Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Primark Mac H&M and a few other bits

I wanted to take pictures but it was hard to catch it all so I done a video beware lol  i tend to ramble on and its not the greatest of videos I say so way to much eeek and i hate my voice on the video but there you go
I will be doing a proper review on some things and OOTD so you can see how I style some of the pieces ,also the eyeshadow is from boots natural collection in crushed walnut I  love this colour for my eyebrows and it lasts ages ,the top and skirt is rust but seems to be a bit red on camera its hard to catch certain colours  .Coming up will be my ELF haul it finally arrived yay!!! and my new make up brush will make an appearance  . If you've actually got this far thank you for reading and bearing with me . I don't no why the videos coming up twice and but I get rid of it :( but they are both the same video please ignore it sitting at the bottom  .

love natty xoxx


  1. I was too but the fact that I didn't actually put my face init made it a little easier maybe you should try that .I've had some really nice comments and loads of likes ,I so didnt expect ,I may even feature init next time haha :)xx