Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Do believe the hype

sorry for the mitt I used it last night .
A quick post just to say some things really are worth all the hype .
lets start with

some of the cheaper brands I had tried but I had always gone back to St Tropez  .

 St Moriz fake tan personally I cant get enough of this tan and I've tried many. I almost gave up on this tan  ,I tried the spray one first and although I liked the colour and finish but it made way to much mess for me, it dripped all down the bottle onto the floor my hands basically everywhere I was left standing in a puddle of it  and  was like never again . How wrong was I after reading peoples blogs there was a lot of posts saying how good it was but  there was one difference they were showing the mousse version hmmmm I had to give it one last try if it worked for me it would save me heaps at £2.99 a can . I'm so glad I did I've got three full body coverages so far out of the can and I've already bought my back ups .Its such a natural looking colour no streaks and lasts a good week on my skin .I think I may go as far to say its better than my St Tropez shhhhh that's a secret. when it washes off I don't get that patchy look, its all even, I like the fact it has colour to it so you  can see where its applied. But of course it does have that fake tan smell I have no idea how to describe this smell do you ?? My boyfriends always moaning about the smell because I like to do it a bit before going to bed so I can leave it over night and I say to him "if you can invent one that doesn't smell you'd be a rich man"
I cant stress enough if you haven't got a mitt and you like fake tan get one , I'd always look at them then think oh next time as id already bought a lot of stuff etc and I thought they were point less as you could use you hands and I had this idea it would just soak up the product .Silly me they were made for a reason and are totally not a waste of money your hands cant do a better job it doesn't soak in the tan . It rubbed it in evenly left me with no patches, missed parts and stopped me having orange palms all for £2 something i'll never be without now .My colour came out beautiful.

                                                 Tangle Teezer my tangle pleezer !!
I got mine at boots it was a £11.20 they had a cheaper  one in pink at £10.20 but was out of stock and I didn't want to wait ,you can also get them cheaper online but again I didn't want to wait for delivery .

Tangle Teezer great posts about these but what made me rush out and by one  was the colours and design unique to anything I had seen . Everyone was posting they were there brush of choice ,how easy they made brushing long, thick hair and left it smooth and shiny with less damage to the hair cause its not harsh on knots  and this all sounded good but i'm someone who makes up my mind when I try things for myself. I cant believe I lived without one for so long it was kinda weird at first there was no pulling on my hair and it went through with such ease that it felt like it wasn't brushing my hair if you get what I mean but it does that's why I renamed it Tangle Pleezer  I'm so in love with this brush I pledge to never use another so long as I shall live and the real test

believe me you see that smile she has,  before the Tangle Teezer it was screams and tears I hated brushing her hair the curls made it so difficult she'd run round the room away from me ,now she offers to do it herself and loves the brush as much as me . Smiles all round ,writing this has made me want to get it brush my hair as it massages your head too. Luckily none of my friends read my blog cause I've not told them about it I don't really know why weird eh? I haven't had it long though and would tell them if it came up in convo sometimes its easier to share with you readers ..I suppose its because we share the same interests , but I've found other blogs where people have said the same thing so I feel a bit more normal now  annywayys  i've gone way of point lol.. All I was going to say is I think these will be the perfect xmas pressie as none of them have them and for my sisters and I think its my duty to introduce them to the Tangle Teezer.

erm my not so quick post i'm sorry I do like to ramble hope I haven't bored you all...

love natty xoxx

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