Friday, 7 October 2011

Because I love my gadgets (hair be gone)

This had to have a mention in my blog because its a staple in my life . Every girl  needs one of these in there life,like straighteners or my curling wand I wouldn't be without one . Ive used my epilator for about nine years now .Yes at first it hurt and I almost gave up on it but after a couple times that stops ,there were a few problems I experienced like when the hair first grew back id get a kind of weird stinging sensation (weird ey?) I'm not sure why this happened maybe I had 2 get used to it but now i get no discomfort at all .My hair grows back finer and sparser I get a smoother finish none of that stubble .Being a mum I haven't got time to shave all the time and quite frankly cant be bothered .An epilator plucks the hair from the root its made up of lots of little tweezer things so it takes longer 2 grow back there are so many pluses to this product,no more shaving shadow either .I do my bikini line under arm and legs its kind of similar to waxing but less messy and convenient to do in your home and you don't have to wait for fall grow back .So never an excuse to be hairy again ,unless you like that look .
 Some tips ill give to you
1:Don't give up the first couple times it hurts because the hairs thicker and coarser from shaving , but this goes away promise.
2:Get a pair of exfoliating gloves for the bath this stops ingrown hairs etc.
3:Don't shave cause it cuts the hair and if done to often will make the hair thicker then it could cause discomfort again.

they range in price mine was £30 just basic but I never buy shaving stuff any more
it has a shaver head to which I forgot to take a pic of 

this is my leg and I haven't done it for two weeks amazing 
what do you use ???

love natty xoxx

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