Friday, 23 September 2011

Is change always best !!

OK so its took a while but I'm finally gonna write my first proper blog ...

with make up

with again believe it or not these were very raised angry red spots

the old and trusted 

panic buy yet to try

miracle cure
So from the beginning my auntie went to see a specialist skin care woman and told me that she said ou shouldn't be using a scrub everyday,but a wash  as you are scrubbing the top layer of your skin away which causes more oil and breakouts .I was using the superdrug vitamin  E scrub twice daily this was working for me as I had bad skin before and not since using this product along with the vitamin E body shop day cream. I've had the same routine 4 a year now and although id get a spot every now and again I never had a full breakout yay!! so i stuck with it but  my skin was dull and half way through the day would become oily. When i heard this i  thought maybe I  should take that advice after all she was a professinal,  I should change to a facial wash,  I had never reacted to the vitamin E cream from body shop so I  bought the vitamin E facewash wrong was i after a couple weeks i had a massive break out like the old days cheeks and chin  argggghhhhhh!! I didnt check the ingrediants as it also has wheat germ oil maybe  not so good for already oily skin. I've got a party in a week so more panic set in they had to go .. I rushed out and bought the full  sea weed collection, face wash, day cream and toner after seeing good reviews  .I've decided not to try these yet as I'm to scared they'll mess my skin up before the i will at a later date and do a review, anyways i went back to my old routine ... and remembered my old remedy to make the spots disappear as fast as they had appeared and its the cheapest thing ever LEMONS yes LEMONS !! I took 1 lemon squeezed it in to a pint glass filled it with warm kettle water and drank it through a straw (as it can be bad for teethe cause of the acid) i rubbed the remaining lemon pieces onto the spots themselves ( be careful of eyes, will sting) by morning the spots had shrunk two days later my spots r now gone there's still some red marks but they are flat so much easier to cover wooohooo!! i discovered this trick when i did a detox last yr I had a breakout then and it cleared it before .. I'm now gonna do this once a week to keep my skin healthy, not sure it would do good if you do it every day for a long time  .Let me know if this works for you I hope it does this is now my miracle cure much better then anything I've ever bought or been prescribed for acne and I've tried a lot .Cheap as chips too an all round winner .I still want flawless glowing skin, a girl can dream =)


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