Monday, 3 October 2011

Pretty coloured nails ...

The other day I picked up some cheapy nail varnish ,I was just passing a random shop and fell in love with the colours and at £1 each how could I say no. I got home to find corrie one of my fave blogs  had written this fab post about why choose one colour .She was so right id just bought them and wanted to try all three out so I took her advice and did ...I absolutely love the out come. The nail varnishes themselves are quite good cause this pic was taken three days after I applied them and they've not chipped ,the colours are all a nice finish , the only down fall is that they were a little weird to apply as they seemed to go on lumpy, I was worried they'd stay like that but they dried smooth and quick .I matched my toenails the same way lol
love natty xoxx

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